Paying for your homecare can be very daunting, but help is out there.

Below is a brief explanation about the funding you or your family members may be eligible for.

Local Authority / Social Services

Anyone can request their local authority to conduct an assessment of their own or their family members care needs. The family and support network can be included in the assessment process to ensure that the assessor gets a full understanding of the client's needs and wishes.

The assessor will evaluate the care needs and financial situation in order to provide information on how much care may cost and if this will be fully funded by the state or if they will be required to make a contribution towards the cost of their care.

Direct Payments

Following a financial assessment the local council may give the client the option to receive direct payments, this enables the client more freedom to choose a care provider and when care is required. The client will be given a sum of money and they will then pay directly for the care they arrange.

NHS Funding / Continuing Health Care

If a person is assessed as requiring Nursing care, they may have their care paid for by the NHS. This is normally a fixed amount to cover a week or possibly a month. The NHS will use the allocated money to arrange for care to be provided either using their staff or possibly a private agency.

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